Verizon Return System
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My phone was defective so I was sent a new one and given packaging and a tracking label to send the defective phone back. I did so within the required period (phone sent via UPS 1/22/24). Verizon says they never received the phone so I checked the tracking and it shows that the phone was delivered to TMobile in the same receiving facility in Ft Worth on 2/8/24. Verizon is trying to charge me $1450.00 for an error that is either theirs for giving me a bad shipping label or UPS’ for delivering to the wrong recipient. 
     My liability for the phone ended when I followed Verizon’s instructions and gave it to UPS within the required period. Verizon customer service has been zero help and even discontinued a chat in the middle before anything was resolved. This incident will eventually cause me to never do business with Verizon again. 

Re: Verizon Return System
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Semper1, thanks for reaching out about your return. I'm sorry to hear there was an issue with the delivery and this has caused an extra charge on your account. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Message.