Visual Voicemail on iPhone 11 Pro not working
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No matter what I do I cannot get my visual voicemail to set up on my new iPhone. I have tried every recommendation possible and still have to call into my voicemail and listen to the extensive prompts just to delete a voicemail that I knew was spam. It is terribly inconvenient and I haven’t had to use this process in probably 10 years.

the only option for my voicemail I’m offered is “call voicemail” I don’t want to do it this way  

I have tried resetting my network settings, Siri language is correct, device language is correct, I’m fully updated, have tried toggling airplane mode, tried only WiFi, tried only cellular data, I’ve tried everything. This is SO frustrating. 

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Re: Visual Voicemail on iPhone 11 Pro not working

I would like to hear from Verizon if there is any plan to bring visual voicemail to the iPhone. I am a new iPhone user from Android and I agree with the OP. The Android interface is so much makes managing voicemail much easier. Wading through the default voicemail interface is tedious enough to bring me to this page and register this plea to fully support the iPhone.

Re: Visual Voicemail on iPhone 11 Pro not working
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Hello EdK4! 


We are here to help, and we want to make sure you can fully enjoy the features of your new iPhone! The iPhone voicemail system is a visual voicemail system, and should allow you to view the messages, and select them to listen. When you use your voicemail, is it making a call out, instead of displaying the messages visually?