hotspot not working

I have never had any issues with using my hotspot and probably about 6 months (ish) ago I started having issues with it working consistently.  The only consistent connection are my kids two phones (they are part of family sharing).  they connect no problem.  When i try to connect my computer or any other computer is where I have the issue. 

 First, it will not even show up as an option to connect to unless i turn on and off computer wifi and turn on and off my phone hotspot.  Once I do this my hotspot will then become visible on my computer.  When I click on connect, it tries to connect and then after about 10 seconds it says "can't connect to this network".    over the past few months if i hit connect enough times it would eventually connect.  Now the last three days I haven't had any luck at all.    

I know it's my phone because my computer can connect to other people's hotspots without issue.  (it connects to my kids $15 t-mobile plan  hotspot very easily).    What can I do to fix this?  I am not having any luck from Verizon since they are not open locally and can't get through when I call.  

Here are things i've tried:  resetting network settings, changing hotspot name and password, restarting phone.  


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Re: hotspot not working
Customer Service Rep

we know how important it is to stay connected with the Mobile Hotspot feature on your phone and we want to resolve this issue, Alison8. We see that you have done some troubleshooting steps (resetting network settings, changing hotspot name and password, restarting phone). Let's get some additional information so that we can troubleshoot this issue with you ( What is your phone model?