iPhone 11 stolen by UPS

iPhone 11 Midnight Green ordered 10/10/19.  UPS arrives at the door on 10/14/2019 and the package is signed for.  Clear tape haphazardly taped over brown package tape.  Didn't realize the package was from Verizon or that the contents of the package would need to be verified before signing (my bad!!!!!).  Opened the box and the iPhone 11 Midgnight Green was NOT in the iPhone package.  Trying to get a replacement and report this fraudulent activity to Verizon as I type. While going through this process (still going through the process) Verizon stated that the package was weighed in at UPS at 1.6 lbs.  The package delivered weighs 1.02 lbs thereabouts (with kitchen scale!).  You tell me what happened?

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Re: iPhone 11 stolen by UPS
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How are customers like you on this public forum going to be able to tell you what happened? It sounds like fraud on someones part.