iPhone X earpiece speaker issue

I opened a new account with Vzw less than a week ago and got the iPhone X and I’m having an issue where when I play any media on phone device there’s a crackling/buzzing sound coming out from my earpiece speaker. The issue is also occuring when I’m on a phone call or FaceTime and it’s on speaker phone it sounds like the speaker is blown and it’s quite irritating. I should be covered under some type of warranty and this is truly unacceptable. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue???

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Re: iPhone X earpiece speaker issue
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This is definitely not the first impression we want for you since recently joining the Verizon family and purchasing a new Apple device. I’m sure we can get this issue resolved for you as quickly as possible.


Before we continue troubleshooting, please know that Verizon provides all of our customers a 14-day Worry Free Guarantee http://vz.to/2nKuPsU return/exchange period in the case you need to get another device due to mechanical defects.


First, let’s try some troubleshooting steps to see if we can correct this distorted audio speakerphone issue. Please try these steps: http://apple.co/2CfSah2 and keep me posted with your results.


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