legit contest

Got a text message stating that I had won a iPhone 11.  Took me to a Verizon page to fill out my mailing information.  Is this a legit contest?

April Clarin
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Re: legit contest
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Unless you show the text message and domain the message sent you to, it would be hard for anyone here to determine if valid or not. 

I would be (you should be) hesitant to click on any suspicious links like this.  Hover your mouse over the link to see the address/domain name and check it out at https://www.whois.com/whois/ to see if Verizon is the owner or related to it.

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Re: legit contest
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Nope. I got the same message and I checked into it before clicking anything. Registered to NameCheap - whatever scam that is.

Re: legit contest
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i got the same I assume its a scam, they text me that UPS was at my home today to  delivery my new Phone 11 , well funny thing is I do not have a road, island boat access only. So I guess thats it, could use the phone