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Finally able to afford an upgrade and charged a 40.00 upgrade fee. I didnt use Verizon and in 8 years I have been with him I have been a great customer. Very disappointed with them now. Terrible customer service. I tried asking to waive and was told no.

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Congratulations on getting the new phone, LESMAR51. I hope you are enjoying it. Saving money where you can is an understandable concern. Your 8 years with us is outstanding and we appreciate it. Thanks for your continued loyalty. I know this concern about the upgrade fee is confusing and I'm happy to shed some light on this. We want you to have the right expectation and we certainly don't want you to feel that way. The upgrade fee is something that we charge to all customers. This fee helps offset costs associated with activating equipment on our network and other network associated costs as well. While it isn't a fee that can be waived, you can save money on this fee in the future by using My Verizon to complete your upgrade order as it is $20 this way versus the $40 that is charged through any other way of upgrading. For more about the upgrade fee, see #2 of this guide: http://spr.ly/61881y5S2 Does this help clear up the details?


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It's $40 if a rep did it for you. Ordering a phone online is half off and no different than ordering anything else online. Maybe you could get it half credited, but don't expect getting the full amount. Next time buy an unlocked phone outside Verizon.