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We decided to come back to Verizon,   I wasn't really happy with the rep at the store we purchased this service. I was promised different rates  by a "Nancy" on the Verizon chat line.   I called and went through reps, till finally a supposed Mgr. who called himself Ron" got on on July 11th 4:30 pm for 26 minutes..

I explained we started Verizon June 15th, and we're getting billed from May 15th, to June 14th, we did not have the phone June 14th, we started with Verizon June 15th. Ron said he'd take care of this, and to just wait  while he cleans up my account, and he'd get back to me, today is July 13th  (two days later)  no follow up from Ron, but  he did send me customer service polls. 

I tried calling in, two days later, and the AI voice said a rep can’t address my billing issues, and the only choice I had was multiple pay bill now messages.

I tried scheduling a call, July 13th between 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm, and was called back, when I hit the Option 1 to talk with a rep, I get a recorded message to that Verizon is having multiple calls, and this service is not available, to call back

I’m going to try scheduling a call again, between 5:00 to 5:30 PM, but so for, Moving back to Verizon is a disaster. At least T-Mobile followed up

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Customer Service Rep

I’m saddened you’ve been having trouble with getting the billing issue cleared up, when you've come back to VZ Dgmtexax. We’ve sent a Private Note so that we can assist further.