FIOS autopay & missing $10 monthly discount
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I initiated AutoPay and Paperless Billing before my first FIOS bill was issued. Yet the autopay discount is still not reflected on my bill - showing 69.99 for the 300 Mbps instead of the $59.99 during checkout. When chatting with Verizon Support, I am told that my payment account is a credit card - it is a checking account. I have contacted Verizon Support about the discount, I am told it will appear on the next bill. As an aside, it was never clearly shown that the $10 discount only applies to autopay with checking account and not with credit card. It appears that Verizon assumes its customers don't or won't pay attention to their bills and can swindle them out of $10/month.
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The main issue is “why would you give any company access to your bank account or credit”? It is not worth the frustration of first having it function and if it decides to hit your bank more than once, the rules getting back money from a bank or credit union is much harder than a chargeback on a credit card transaction.

that is why companies want access to your checking account. Credit accounts get dinged for use against the vendor and not the customer. So if you pay a $50 bill on a credit card verizon must credit you the full amount but may have to pay 2% or more in fees to visa and MasterCard. 

Never ever give any company auto pay rights. You will be at their mercy.

its not worth the $10 off ($5 for auto pay and $5 for auto payment) too much can happen.

Re: FIOS autopay & missing $10 monthly discount
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This is absolute theft that Verizon is pulling on its customers. I had the same issue. When I called and ordered service, I was assured I would be charged 59.99 per month (not a penny more) as long as I signed up for Auto Pay. I signed up for Auto Pay the SAME DAY as I ordered my services. Over a month later after my service was up and running, my first bill comes and I am charged 69.99 for Services (plus tax). When I spoke to the rep, they said that Auto Pay takes 30 days to initiate (How does every other company in the world initiate Auto Pay immediately, but Verizon takes 30 days?) And said the $10 discount wouldn't be applied until my second bill. On my second bill it was indeed applied. However on my first bill, I was forced to pay 69.99. There is absolutely no excuse for this except for Verizon to swipe $10 extra on every single customer's first month bill. Disgusting gimmick.

Re: FIOS autopay & missing $10 monthly discount
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I am dealing with the same issue currently. I signed up for Autopay with my credit card for over year and receving $10 discount. After I changed my credit card information to my new credit card it automatically addedd $10 extra. I called Verizon and they told me I have to use either Debit card or Checking Account. Verizon is robbing people. I am going to switch my cable provider to Comcast and forget verizon.  They forgot that 5G is around the corner and we will have more option.

Re: FIOS autopay & missing $10 monthly discount
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Same thing here.  Had to replace the payment method due to CC being comprimised and see that a CC doesn't qualify for the discount when this was setup with discount by Verizon?  Changed it to a bank account and will call to ensure the discount is there as it was oviously not there for some time.  

Re: FIOS autopay & missing $10 monthly discount
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