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After reading about Aicterine's 8/20/12 Gift Card issue I wanted to bring our very similar situation to light.

We applied for the $300 gift card, 2 year price guarantee promotion on the last day it was offered in March 2012. I elected to do this over the phone rather than online to avoid any confusion.

As part of the deal the person said they'd wave the activation fee and we would receive the gift card after 3 months of consecutive bill payment. They also gave me a phone number to call them "directly" in case of any problems. That number is 1-800-244-1340.

Upon receiving our first bill we found the activation fee was not waved as promised. I called the billing department and explained what we were promised over the phone. They did credit the fee back to us although it would take 3 months. That was ok as long as we got it back. We then noticed that a one year free DVR service was listed on the bill. I ordered the DVR with the bundle at the time we signed up and had inquired as to the monthly amount which was given to us. So I was surprised to see a one year free service on the bill. I was told it was part of the bundle. Nothing was mentioned about having to choose between the gift card or the free service.

I called the above number a couple of times to make sure our new account was ok. Each time a message played asking me to leave my number and the name of the person I needed to speak with. I did that.  We never received a call back. I didn't worry as I felt everything had been put in place.

We expected to see the gift card in July. Nothing. I called the middle of August to check on the status of the card only to be told we were not eligible for it as we had the 1 year free DVR service. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the person asked if I'd like a call-back. I said yes and when asked as to the time to call I said, that night. A week and a half later there was still no response. I called the abover number again mulitiple times. The last time I called I asked for ANYONE to call. No response. I called billing again today 8/29/12 and stated the unsatisfactory situation. She put me in touch with a supervisor fairly quickly. The supervisor was no help. They stated the "legal" company line as in, we selected the free DVR service which, we did not, and there was nothing they could do. Bait and switch. That's what this is. I'm very close to paying the $230 early termination fee and going back to Comcast.

We've also had DVR recording issues and slow internet but that's another story. They seem to be on way of getting rectified but a major inconvenience.

I'm very dissatisfied with Verizon's customer service and have posted here in hopes that someone with authority to rectify this will contact us.

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Good Evening,

We were just checking with you to make sure issue was resolved. Please repost if you are still experiencing a problem.

Tonya D.