Re: How to reload Visa prepaid card
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Yes, this is just a bad design and poor customer service.

It is possible to reload a prepaid Verizon Rewards Visa card.  Double click on the VISA rewards card, select the amount you want to add, and add to cart.  When you check out, it tells you basically that you are ordering a new card, but eventually it will load to your existing card and they don't send you a new one.

However, I just tried adding additional credit using the same method and it gave me a warning about them not being able to issue additional cards, and the credit was not added to my cart, so I could not check out and reload the card.  I think it is because the card still has some money left on it.

It would be great if someone from Verizon could clear up these issues, and better yet, fix the website so that it has an accurate and clear method to refill the card.

Re: How to reload Visa prepaid card
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Kestrel, thank you for posting.  I actually held my breath and completed checkout a couple of days ago, ignoring the warning message. As of this morning the extra $25 is indeed on my card.  Yay.

I agree its horribly set up.  The warning message adds to the confusion of seeing your shipping information.  There should be some sort of confirmation mesage that it is indeed transferring to your card.     Glad this worked though. 

Re: How to reload Visa prepaid card
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Thanks for everyone who tried! I couldn't get through on the phone because it's not available when I can call.

I too just ordered a new card, and I hope in a few days it will be reloaded.  As an FYI, I did have a $7 balance on my card, and it appears to have gone through, so you should be able to redeem points even if you have a balance.

It claims it's either giving me a E-card in 48 hours, or will ship me a new one in a few weeks.  So I guess if I get a new card in the mail, I will update this thread again.