Overcharged for Travel Pass on multiple trips!
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Recently, my husband and I took two trips abroad where we opted to use the Travel Pass service from Verizon. This service charges $10 per day only for the days the pass is used. However, both times, despite turning off mobile data, we received notifications of charges for days we didn't use the pass.

Upon returning, I contacted customer service to address the charges. It took multiple attempts to reach an agent due to automated systems. Eventually, the representative was helpful, but the process was time-consuming, lasting about an hour. The agent confirmed we didn't use data on 6 days, they could only refund $60, citing a time limit on reviewing usage history so they could not process refund for previous trip. After pushing back, the agent offered $10 to cover one of the two days from the other trip.

Despite being promised a $70 refund, I only received $40, with no explanation provided. Upon calling again, another representative who was also very nice, informed me that the full refund was denied by upper management without clear reasons given.

Furthermore, there was confusion about whether putting the phone in airplane mode was necessary to avoid charges. One agent insisted it was not required, while another suggested it was.

As a loyal Verizon customer for over 25 years, this experience has left me disappointed. While the monetary value in question may seem insignificant, the principle remains - customers should not be billed for services they did not use. Additionally, the lack of a clear resolution process and conflicting information on how to prevent future occurrences only adds to the frustration.

This experience has made me reconsider my choice of carrier, as it reflects poorly on Verizon's customer service and billing practices.

Re: Overcharged for Travel Pass on multiple trips!
Customer Service Rep

Hi Longtimeuser25, thank you for reaching out in regard to your experience with TravelPass. We appreciate your loyalty and want to make sure you are always set up for success. Utilizing airplane mode is the only way to insure you do not get charged when you do not intend to utilize the pass. Mobile data is not the only feature that activates the pass, background app refreshes, texts, calls, and push notifications are all other examples. https://www.verizon.com/plans/international/international-travel/travel-pass/