Refund for the positive balance
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My company was going to purchase a tablets for me. I called customer service and they said that I was able to overpay my bill and the positive amount can be used to make any initial payments towards adding a line ( tablet) so there was a 498 dollar credit on my account and my phone was paid off so I had financing power.  Well they still needed $250.00 to get the tablet in my hands.  I tried to order it unsuccessfully. Three days I tried to make it happen +I spent 4 hours at a store! No avail. Then I was told I can get the amount refunded to a prepaid card and then use that to make the purchase.  So I praying that it works. But after reviewing the article results I am weary. 

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Re: Refund for the positive balance
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Mgriffin25, we always want to make it easy to do business with us, and are sorry to hear about the issues you ran into when trying to purchase a tablet for your account. We'd be happy to review your account specific financing limits, so that we can help find out what exactly is going on. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Message.👍