Reward Card not working

My bonus reward card for Verizon came in the mail and I did all the steps to activate it on but I am unable to use the card to pay my verizon bill, as the Verizon website keeps saying that the payment isn't going through. I also noticed on the verizon website that the "Activate Your Card" page is asking for a tracking number on the back of the card but there is none present.

I would appreciate help from Verizon on how to make my card usable.

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Hi, I just got off the phone with Chad, from FiOS billing customer service.  Chad was very polite.  Here's what I learned about the reward card, both through my own attempts to sift through the confusion as well as through speaking with Chad.  I conclude that FiOS' marketing department is not communicating effectively with the business department.  

The website is wrong and very confusing (as you noticed).  Evidence:

1.   The FiOS customer dashboard provides a link to "Activate" your received VISA Reward Card.  Using that link, you arrive at a FiOS website requesting your cards "tracking number" which it instructs you is located in the lower lefthand side on the back of your reward card.  WRONG; there is no 9-digit tracking number anywhere on the back of the card.  I had to call the VISA customer service number on the back of the card and activate it over the phone.
2.  The FiOS website's reward card page provides a "helpful" suggestion that one (of several) easy ways to use your reward card is to pay your FiOS or Verizon Wireless bill.  WRONG; you are limited to using this card to a restricted list of merchants viewable at

3.  The FiOS website's reward card page states "your reward is provided in the form of a Verizon Visa prepaid card and can be used everywhere Visa debt cards are accepted".  WRONG; you are limited to using this card to a restricted list of merchants viewable at

Fortunately my wife and I will have no problem spending the money at some of participating retailers, but I do feel that incorrect information Verizon is telling its customers on its own FiOS website is inexcusable.  I have to imagine that people consider using the reward card as a general purpose payment method when considering whether or not to sign up for a FiOS service contract.

Please rever to this image I captured today from FiOS' reward card activation portal which provides evidence of my above assertions.  I captured this image at 11:45EST on March 25, 2017.


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Thank you for sharing this information. I have had the same exact problem.  I thought I was crazy looking for this tracking number that obviously does not exist. Thought I activated it through the card website, but then the Verizon site says the payment won't go through when I tried to use it to pay the bill. As a new customer, it is very discouraging to see so much misinformation and I hope this isn't reflective of the quality of services I can expect from Verizon moving forward. Something as simple as as rewards card shouldn't be so difficult. Although I am sure I can find something to buy from the list of merchants provided, the restrictions are frustrating. There weren't any restrictions when they took my money to set up the new service 😡

Re: Reward Card not working

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