Verizon not honoring promotion
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I tried reaching to customer services numerous times regarding the promotion $1900 promotion on us (Phone, IPad, IWatch and Beats on US). I have not received a formal response from Verizon.  See both links below with the aforementioned deal:
When I look at my bill there is a partial credit applied to my account, after speaking with customer service they acknowledge they applied the wrong promotion  and are going to apply the correct promotion. I waited several bill cycles for the promotion to be applied and I have not seen any changes. I followed up with them on the status of the change and every time I talk to them  it seems that no promotion or changes were ever made. I called them over 7 to 8 times and every time I spend at least 2 hours talking to customer service with no end result. I signed up for 2 lines switching from ATT to Verizon hoping to take advantage of this promotion!
I hope to hear something soon and get some answers. 
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Re: Verizon not honoring promotion
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Hello, JV89, we know it's important that you receive your offer credits. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Message.