Calling International Outside the US
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We travel to Greece a lot from the US and have family in Australia and Germany. How much is to call say Australia from Greece on my verizon phone. We currently have the Global Calling Plus but I do not believe it accounts for this scenario.



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Re: Calling International Outside the US
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That is a great question. Being able to call your family and friends is important. With regard to the calling options you would be able to make calls to Australia for $.23 per min. and Germany would be included in your current Global Plus plan at this time. 

Re: Calling International Outside the US
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Not only did it take 2 days to answer, the answer given was dangerously wrong! Global Plus is to call FROM THE US. OP asked about calling FROM GREECE. 

This means they would need either Travelpass, a monthly package or end up paying expensive pay as you go rates of $1.79 - $2.99 per minute. I don't get paid to look things up for customers, YOU are. Incorrect answers like this are why customers get surprisingly high bills. Very disappointed. 

Re: Calling International Outside the US
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I know this thread is a couple years old but I just came across it trying to get a related question answered. regarding international calling and travel.  

I just wanted to agree that getting wrong information from Verizon  is dangerous advice that can result in extremely high bills.  I have had 4 different contacts with  Verizon  (phone,  2 online chats, and now with customer service reps on this community) getting 4 different answers -- with a secondary question yet to be answered at all in my community message .  Customer service rep responses here are taking 2-3 days.