Can I get coverage in Baja California, Mexico

Can I have coverage in Baja California,Mexico?

Re: Can I get coverage in Baja California, Mexico
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I can definitely understand your concerns, I know how important it is to make sure you're able to use your phone and avoid any unwanted or unexpected charges while traveling and I'll be more than happy to help look into this for you and review your options. Once you leave the country, you are not on the Verizon network so we can not guarantee coverage. However, we do show that you should be able to use your phone in that part of the country. Just so we are all on the same page are you a current Verizon customer looking for international options while traveling in Mexico? Or do you live in Mexico and are trying to find out if you can start service there?


If you are a customer and depending on the plan you are on will determine if your usage will be covered in Mexico. If you are an existing customer, what plan are you on? Now if your plan does not include Mexico, you will need to add an international plan, see here for international travel FAQs


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