International Travel Pass
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I hope this helps others that travel internationally for work and rely heavily on their phone data.  I work as a freelance photographer/videographer in countries all over the world and have to upload and download photos and videos for stories.  Many times, I'm working in disaster zones with no hotel or wifi around, and sometimes in 3rd world countries.  I say this because I was originally w ATT and switched to Verizon because I really wanted to change.  Before I made the switch, I asked my Verizon Rep specifically if the travel pass was the same as ATT's version and was told that it was.  But what I wasn't told was that with Travel Pass you are capped at 500mb of data before you have to pay an additional $10 for each additional 500mbs of data.  With ATT, I was able to use the same unlimited plan I used at home abroad for $10 a day with NO cap or additional charges.  And ATT quits charging for their Day Pass after 10 days, meaning that it's free after 10 days. Sometimes I'm gone for 2-3 weeks and this would really add up. This is the ONLY reason why I had to grudgingly switch back to Verizon.  Please make a plan equal or better to this.  I'd love to come back.  Thanks - Marshall

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