Can I block all incoming long distance calls using Fios Digital Voice?

100 percent of all incoming long distance calls to my home phone are telemarketers. And yes, I am on the DoNotCall registry. It doesn't work becasue telemkerters use a different number every time they call. And none of the Verizon call blocking/screening add-ons allow you to block calls from outside your calling area. And even though I can individually block 100 numbers, it takes time and it is not effective. Telemarketers rent banks of phone numbers and cycle through them. I get the same **bleep** calls from different states each time. It would be so much easier to just block all incoming long distance calls. That would cut down incoming phone spam by 95 percent.

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If you are on digital voice, go to and register.  The service is free.

It will take care of most of the calls, and you can add any that slip buy.  THis past primary election season I received two calls re: candidates and no spam calls for other subjects.

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I have Fios digital voice, but I don't think they have what your're looking for.

I had problems with telemarketers, collection agencies looking for their quarry for years. I used a commercially available call blocker, an electronic device that is available via Amazon, and others if you google "call blockers". Had one for a number of years.

These blockers generally have features where you can allow only certain numbers through, blocking all others, or the reverse, blocking certain numbers only. All calls coming through have numbers recorded and via a push of a button, you can block a number.

You can also block certain area codes, certain exchanges, all calls without caller id etc. While I paid over $100 for mine years back, they really came down in price. The feature I like is it also tracks all outgoing numbers called from our phone, so I could monitor who my kids had been calling.

About the do not call registry, its totally useless. Charities, vendors you ordered from and electioneering calls are exempt. And they don't have to rent banks of numbers, all they have to do is "spoof" a number. In fact anyone can spoof a number through services available. I can call you and have another number show up your phone by signing up for the service.

One complaint I am aware of with the electronic call blockers. It usually rings once even with blocked calls. Thats because the caller ID comes through on the first ring, and if it should be blocked, blocks it. Now this complaint had been around for a while, and I am sure someone thought of a soluetion by now. 

All and all, one ring or not, for me, it does its job.