Incoming Call Block Limit Increased to 100 from 10 for FiOS Digital Voice Customers
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Incoming Call Block - FiOS Digital Voice

Incoming Call Block - FiOS Digital Voice You can block up to one hundred phone numbers to prevent getting calls from them.

You can use the FiOS® Digital Voice Account Manager to select numbers from your Phone Book or your call log. Also, you can enter a number manually to your Blocked Callers List.

Adding numbers by hand or from your Phone Book:

  1. Click Calling Features on the left side of the screen.
  2. On the features list, click Incoming Call Block.
  3. Checkmark Reject calls from certain numbers.
  4. You can either enter the phone number you want to block and click Add,


    You can browse your Phone Book and then click the contacts (up to 100) you want to block.
  5. After you select the numbers you want blocked, click Activate Incoming Call Block.

Adding numbers from your call logs:

  1. Click Calls and Messages.
  2. Locate the number you want to block and click the name or the number.
  3. Click Call Block.

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