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This is probably a stupid question but, can I plug my landline into my modem/ router and send faxes(files) using Windows Fax and Scan without the use of an external fax machine? I thought of this idea since I'm using a landline connected to a modem/ router it would still work since a landline would still be needed for an external fax machine to send the information to the receiving fax machine. 

Also, I'm not sure if this thread ( answers my question or not. So if you would like to give it a look at you're more than welcome.

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To fax you would hook the phone line up to a fax machine but it has to be a regular old phone line not digital like time warner and such from what I understand.  Now if you have a regular old dial up on your computer hooked to a phone line you can use windows fax and scan I believe that way because I know my friend used to do it when she was on dial up internet ages ago.  You just need to scan the document in or in her case she would just take a photo of it  as she had no scanner and put it in the computer to fax and send. 

 We dropped our home line a few years ago so can't use the fax machine anymore but to get around that I use an online fax site for free, fax zero.  There are paid sites that will give you a number so you can send and receive.  What happens is you are just sending like emailing only it will go to the fax machine number and when they fax you back it will come in to the fax program for viewing like you would get an attachment in email.  I tried efax free trial and it was very nice but for the few I have to send every year found it was not worth the cost for us to subscribe to anything. 

Also found an article for windows fax and scan and if you computer is equipped with a fax modem then you can do it, think that is still just regular dial up modem.  If none of this works for you can always just take a good quality photo of the document and send that.   My camera shoots in macro so I have done that before in a pinch.   Mary