CE1000A Extender Versus E3200 Extender
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I was wondering if there is any benefit to switching to a CE1000A extender from an E3200 extender when on a 1 gig plan? The router itself is a CR1000B. I know the CE1000A extender is usually only available in limited markets and to those on a 2 gig plan. Does the CE1000A eliminate any latency issues? Is the radio in the CE1000A better?  Does it provide better coverage? My computers are wired into the ethernet ports and the Extender is hooked up using coax. I tend to get download speeds of 800-900. Upload speed can vary wildly from around 700 to as low as 50. I have hit the upload speed of 935 but it is extremely rare. In most cases, I hover around 100- 200.

Re: CE1000A Extender Versus E3200 Extender
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CE1000A can do wireless backhaul with CR1000A/B, E3200 cannot. E3200 can do wireless backhaul with G3100.

E3200 has an Ethernet link activation delay issue (57 seconds of delay when the Ethernet was unplugged then re-plugged) that was quite well discussed in a thread here. I don't see this problem with CE1000A.