Can I use the E3200 WiFi extender with the G1100 router?

I'm trying to use the E3200 WiFi extender with the G1100 router and it doesn't appear to work.  I've tried both coax and Ethernet backhaul to the router.  I check the backhaul links by plugging a laptop into the LAN1 port on the E3200, and I was able to ping the G1100, connect to the Internet, etc., so I'm confident both worked.  The backhaul link is about 75' long, so there's plenty of separation between the router and extender.  When I power up the E3200, the button/LED is blinking white for a few minutes, and then turns solid white.  However, I don't see the SSID for my home network when I try to connect with a laptop.  It seems like some part of the "pairing" process has failed.  Does anyone know if the E3200 is compatible with the G1100?   If not, is there a list of compatible routers somewhere on Verizon's website?  I read the user's manual, and it didn't mention anything.

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Re: Can I use the E3200 WiFi extender with the G1100 router?
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In short, the answer is Yes, albeit you lose all the automatic duplication of credentials, including the extender admin password and wireless passwords.

Nonetheless, nothing prevents you to manually duplicate these credentials by logging into the E3200 and modify the passwords through its admin portal.

The other capability you loose is wireless backhaul. That means an Ethernet wire or a coax wire is required between the E3200 and the G1100.