Can't get my Fios Extender E3200 to work or show up as an option?

I just got the E3200 extender because we are too far away from the router and it gives us slow speeds. I connected the router to the wall with the coaxial cable that it provided and then connected the extender to the wall upstairs with the other coaxial cable. I finally got the light on the extender to be a solid white, but I still can't connect to the extender at all in my wifi settings? What am I doing wrong? I assume the extender successfully connnected to the router downstairs because its solid white and when I unplug the cable it turns yellow, so how come it doesn't the show option to connect to it on any of my devices?

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Community Leader

Some questions...

If you log into the router as the Admin, does the extender appear on the device list?

Are the splitters MoCA 2.0 or higher?

Which model router is in use?

Was the extender purchased from Verizon or a third-party?

Can devices connect if plugged into an Ethernet jack on the rear of the extender?