Change of IP address and Location
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Apparently, a part of Software Upgrades last weekend, not only am I experiencing glitches with the FIOS TV , but my IP Address was changed.

Suddenly, instead of having an IP address for my actual physical location, the NEW IP Address is for an area over 20 miles away.

So... all of my devices and searches on those devices, now think I am somewhere where I am not, and the search data returned is not helpful.  For example when I want to find the nearest restaurant to me for any major chain, ditto Grocery Stores, ditto gas stations.

I don't want to know where they are 20-40 miles away!!

1st time in almost 4 years that I have ever encountered this issue!  Frustrating.........

How can I get an IP address assigned that will reflect a more accurate 'location' for my service area??

Re: Change of IP address and Location
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Community Leader

Try logging in to your router.

Do a release on IP.

Then reboot.

May or not work. BTW, it could be that Verizon only has that level of granularity.

I can't imagine that have groups of ips down to a very small level.

Would be a nightmare to manage and would be very inefficient.