Connecting own router to FiOS router - Coax only

I just purchased a Nest Wifi and am looking for the best way to set this up on Fios for my current configuration. I have read various methods online but I am not sure if the approaches solve everything. My wi-fi coverage anywhere but my main floor, including outside, is pretty inconsistent so I decided to try the Nest.

(I tried attaching a diagram but it did not work).
I have a G1100 Fios Router and WCB6200Q Fios Network Extender.  I have a coax connection coming out of my ONT box, not ethernet.  I also, for the time being, still have Fios TV service (older boxes, not FiOS One) so I need to keep the existing G1100 for guide data.  As the G1100 is on the opposite side of the house from the ONT, I would prefer to not have to run ethernet cable.  The G1100 also has all of my entertainment center devices connected via ethernet instead of the wifi.
My goal is to use the Nest Wifi router (and 2 access points) for wi-fi instead of the G1100 and WCB6200Q .  But I need to keep the Fios guide data working as well as the ethernet used on the current router.
So my questions are:
1. How should my Nest Wifi router be incorporated into my current configuration to work securely without causing a big hassle?
2. Can I keep the existing coax setup as is, while connecting the G1100 to maintain guide data?
3. If the G1100 is setup in bridge mode with wifi off, will the ethernet ports on it still work?
4. Similarly, can I still use the WCB6200Q extender, with wi-fi off, for its ethernet ports?
5. If I decide to drop TV services, would I need to buy a MOCA-Ethernet adapter for each room in which I wanted to use ethernet to connect my devices, plus at least one ethernet switch?
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I cannot seem to edit my original post, but after reading some other threads, I wonder if the below might work best for my situation.

My goal is to use a Nest Wi-fi with 2 add-on points instead of the G1100 to improve the wi-fi coverage. I have FiOS TV services so would like to maintain guide, on-demand, etc. for now, but would like my setup to work well for when dropping TV services as well.  Running a long ethernet cable would be a challenge.

Current setup:
ONT > coax > main splitter
> Room 1 (almost adjacent to ONT) > splitter > STB1 and Fios Network Extender (WCB6200Q)
        - I use the ethernet ports on the extender for TV, etc.
> Room 2 (opposite side of the house from ONT) > splitter > STB2 and FiOS router (G1100)
        - I use all 4 ethernet ports on my G1100 for my entertainment devices (TV, receiver, Roku, etc.)

Possible solution:
1. Purchase 2 FiOS Network Extenders (FNA) from Verizon ($55 each)
2. Run ethernet from ONT to Nest router in Room 1 (this would be a short run so it is doable). Leave coax as-is in ONT.
3. Run ethernet from Nest router to FNA-1 in Room 1. Connect coax to FNA-1. Remove Fios Network Extender (WCB6200Q)
4. Connect coax to FNA-2 in Room 2.  Remove the G1100.
5. Ask Verizon to switch internet to Ethernet in the ONT.


1.  Would the above be a solution?  I was hoping to be able to use the Fios Network Extender (WCB6200Q) without wi-fi just as a MoCA adapter but not sure that's possible.

2. By using the FNAs, would my guide data and on-demand functions work automatically? $110 (for 2) is a lot cheaper than the Actiontec 2 packs for $150-$160 considering I get the ethernet ports I need.

3. If I drop TV services, then add it later with the newer FiOS One boxes, will my setup still work with those?  As I understand it, they are a newer version of MoCA.

Any help will be appreciated!