Don't Trust the Verizon Speedtest

So, they tell you how to test the speed here:

It runs two tests, one from the device you are connected to, the other "from the router".  The Router test ALWAYS tells you have the connection you are paying for, even when the Router is NOT connected to the internet!

I just upgraded to Gigabit speed.  My computer has a gigabit ethernet port, and it is directly connected to the Verizon router, just 10 feet away.  Running the speed test, I get about 400Mbps down, 900Mbps up from the device, but the "router" result always says 900Mbps down, and 900Mbps up.  

Plugging the network directly into the computer, I get the EXACT same numbers.  But, that test also still shows the Router result, even though the router is NOT being used!  

I called Tech support, but because the Router speed was showing "ok", they said they would not doing anything to fix the issue.  My computer can obviously support gigiabit speeds, since I am getting 900Mbsp up speeds with it.

Verizon appears to be less than truthful with their internet speed test.  Also, I confirmed the speed test with external speed test sights as well, showing the EXACT same results as the verizon non-router test.

Re: Don't Trust the Verizon Speedtest

It is smoke and mirrors in that only a verizon branded router connected with a computer desktop or laptop or mac will show the upto speeds of 940/880

this is because its testing the router not your devices. Devices will be much slower.

and wifi does not count what so ever. Only a hard wired connection using their router.

now if you take the verizon router out of the equation and use say an Asus or Netgear or TP Link you cannot use any verizon speed test.

you can test at or other speedtest site but verizon does not allow you to test at their servers. Which are proprietary and handle only their traffic not like getting out to the real world test of bottlenecks and breakdowns etc.

just remember fios is giving customers speeds far above cable broadband which makes them a fios bargain. 

Re: Don't Trust the Verizon Speedtest
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If you search the forums, there are times that people have found issues with drivers or other settings on their ethernet ports that can affect speed.

Trying doing a google search on your hardware and slow speeds (or something like that) to see if there are any posts about issues that affect your configuration.