FIOS Reported Speed vs. Actual Speed


With FIOS router plugged in, Verizon FIOS speed test ( is reporting gigabit numbers for me (950 download). reports anywhere from 300mbps to 600 mbps download.   With Google Wifi plugged in, Google is reporting an internet speed of 500-600mbps.  So, FIOS router with and Google Wifi natively seems to agree that the speed is not what I paid for.

Why does the Verizon speed test show perfect data vs. other means?

Common sense says not to trust the party that benefits from showing you better data.

Re: FIOS Reported Speed vs. Actual Speed

Verizon states “up to 940/880”

they do not guarantee sustainable speeds at all times.

the reason for the speed discrepancy is using verizons speed test is using a proprietary network connection. Sort of like a straight line highway.

speedtest net and others are real life highway issues. Accidents and obstacles on the road to slow you down.

its the service term of “UP TO” that saves Verizon in these instances.