Free Gateway Router?

So I had a weird experience last week.

I wasn't getting the speeds I was expecting, so I opened a chat with the FiOS reps. They went thru the usual steps and decided to send a tech over.

The tech gets here a few days later and can't identity the issue. He notices I'm using a off brand FiOS 1100 Gateway (looks exactly like a Verizon router but is flashed with Frontier firmware) and told me I should be using an officially supported router. 

Before I could stop him, he hooked up a new, out of box FiOS gateway and set it up. I told him like 4 times that I didn't want the router but he kept arguing that it was necessary for my television to work. (It worked fine up till this point, mind you) at this point I was resigned to just let him hook it up and I would return it the next day.  I'm very nonconfrontational and he was somewhat aggressive.

Mind you, the issue he's here to solve is why can I never get >500mbs down but my upload is fine, tech sort of went off on a tangent trying to pawn off this router on me.

Anyways, I open up the chat to make sure they're aware of the situation with the new router and that I shouldn't be charged for this new item. 

After being bounced around between a few departments who didn't seem to know how to handle my request, I finally found a rep that could tell me about the modem.

Basically I qualified for a "super rare" free router at no cost to me whatsoever. I made sure I asked in every way possible if there was an upfront cost or a rental fee, but no. 

I apparently qualified for a promotion in which I get my very own, free modem for absolutely no reason. 

Even the tech on chat said I was only the second person he'd ever seen qualify for the promotion. 

I honestly don't know why either, I had a normal signup without any special promotion (aside from an upcoming $200 gift card). 

I just wanted to know if anyone else have ever come across anything like this? Very strange but a welcome change, for sure.

Re: Free Gateway Router?
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Community Leader

#1 While we get you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

#2 Do you have the proof of purchase / a receipt for that NAT router that you got off of Ebay or what ever the off brand FiOS 1100 Gateway (looks exactly like a Verizon router but is flashed with Frontier firmware)?

#3 Did the tech provide you a receipt for the router that they provided to you?