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There have been several posts recently reporting that it was impossible to pay the bill for HSI/DSL.  I also experienced this issue.  The concern was that the service would be disconnected if it remained unpaid.  The Verizon website no longer had the ability to "toggle" back and forth between the bill for the voice line and the bill for HSI/DSL.  The billing side for HSI/DSL became totally invisible.


Well, I can happily report that issue is now solved.  As of this morning I now can access the July 1 bill on my online account.  I see that the HSI/DSL service has now been COMBINED with the voice line bill.  So it appears that there will be only one bill for both services going forward.  The billed amount seems correct.  I previously tried to make payment for the HSI/DSL bill but my payment was incorrectly placed on the voice bill as a credit.  Now the credit has been applied to the back charges for HSI/DSL and all seems fine.

The main reason for all of the confusion that so many people experienced was due to a total lack of any explanation from Verizon that the bills will soon be combined.  A simple explanation would have forestalled all of the confusion.  A notice in a bill a few months ago would have sufficed,  A notice could have been placed on the billing website or a brief email notice could have been sent.  I'm sure that many customers placed many calls to Verizon customer service and to the eCenter about this matter, including me.  Without exception, the customer service people were ignorant of the fact that the bills were being combined and that all would be straightened out in the next month.  Their main response was to open "tickets" that were never resolved.  The other response I received was to be placed on hold and then disconnected, or to be transferred to a different department who also had no answer.

Even now that the issue is corrected, the new Verizon bill is confusing regarding the new arrangement.  It shows the new HSI/DSL charges under the caption of "Requested Change in Service".  This is misleading, since the change was made as an action by Verizon, not me.  Also, the prior bill copies for the HSI/DSL service cannot be retrieved using the online tool for viewing older bills.  Only the voice line bills are available.


Hopefully Verizon can use this matter as an educational example and view it as an opportunity to improve training to improve customer communications.

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I had to get this done to my account last month. I wasn't able to update my Auto Pay information, except for that one time which the account switcher tab appeared at the far bottom left of the page. The fix Verizon came up with was to merge the two accounts into one, which I'm totally cool with. Problem fixed, I'd say. Hopefully this helps with some of Verizon's record keeping. It sounds like they're doing some clean-up to resolve past practices of allowing DSL with or without a Telephone line.