Hacked: My Router G3100 / myfiosgateway dot com /

I am not one for forums or to complain to this magnitude but not only has my router been compromised, along with ALL of my electronic device but myfiosgateway dot com is a fake landing page with a copy and pasted picture of the G3100 router with a half line next to it which has to be the gif border.  I am using anti virus software, malware, a VPN and a WiFi monitoring service which alerted me to all of this. I do not feel safe with Verizon’s internet, router, service or their customer service.

When i was hacked or compromised or ransomwared twice in 36 hours, Verizon transferred me 13 times in 2 days for a total of 8 1/2 phone hours.  
As a result of being patient i received people who hung up on me because of the situation  I was in.  There was also rude, nasty and unprofessional people to boot.  For a simple question I was told it was above their expertise and they transferred me to a “elevated team” who did nothing but ask me for $25 a month to be “completely covered” as I watched my information disappear in front of my eyes on my laptop, tv and cell phone.  They refused to help me unless i payed, and argued that it was MY fault that this happened.

Lastly, they transferred me to a nice lady who was a router specialist who guided me to reset my router?!  Google told me that.  My little cousin told me that.  So they promised me a specialized encrypted router with extra protection.  I got the same router again.  No one in customer service wants to deal with my situation nor in my opinion probably could based on the customer service i have had this far.  Everyone tells you they understand and will help you and dont worry…and then i was hacked a third time.  

I am dealing with faulty websites, atrocious customer service,, compromised routers and an overall bad service.  I dont know what to do besides buy my own router and deal with it myself but i shouldn’t have to.  I pay…for a service…i should be protected.  ZeroTrust with anything.  

Open for suggestions  I guess.  Or maybe this was just a rant as my personal information is out in the world for the third time.  I literally just dont understand how this is possible from a company.  

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You are largely talking to other customers here.

I am sorry for your experience. But, from your description, network security is really outside of official tech support. I can try to help you.

Do you have IoT devices on your network, e.g. smart cameras, light bulbs, plugs, echo dot, and etc.?