How much bandwidth do you really need?

I am wondering just how much bandwidth is really needed with todays devices. I currently have 100/100 service. My most extreme case scenario of connected devices would be: (This is not common that all these would be in play at one time)

4K TV - Streaming or Xbox One

1080p TV - Netflix or Xbox 360

1080p TV - Streaming

2 iPhones

2 iPads

3 Laptops

1 Desktop

As mentioned, I have 100/100 and I don't really notice anything crazy bad with service. I ran some speed tests, and my laptops are running anywhere from 50-100 up/down, my iPhones are running 100-100 up/down. 

I am now considering upgrading to 300/300 or Gigabyte, but wonder if I am just throwing money away. Another thing I am considering is a new router as the rental provided router just doesn't seem to have enough range/power. I also plan to move to Directv Now, which would require more bandwidth.

Any thoughts?

Re: How much bandwidth do you really need?
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It really depends on how much each device is running at once. Streaming 4k  uses 25 mbps. If you are going to have 2 streams plus and online game going you still won’t be at 100 mbps. 

In most cases households won’t need more than 100 mbps. Of course with technology things change fast and down the line we will need more speed. 

The gig connection is definitely overkill. I would see how things go once you get DirecTv Now. If no problems I would stay at 100/100.

Re: How much bandwidth do you really need?

Not to burst your bubble my wife and I used cable internet for a gazillion years and we had 15/1 with 24 devices on the pipe. We ran Netflix and streaming tv and game consoles and it was perfect. So your 100 is overkill.

however cable like Fios likes to keep raising prices over and over because of greed in the marketplace. We jumped to Fios for internet only, it was $85 and we have overkill on the gig service now at $113 after our discounts expired. Still cheaper than what we paid on cable. We jumped to directvnow and use a VoIP service and it’s still a huge savings. Tv and phone are the culprits on Fios and cable with bogus fees and surcharges and below the line gotchas.