MOCA 2.5 bonded adapter G3100 router getting slow ehternet

I have a G3100 router and coax throughout house from prior Fios TV.  I purchased 2 GoCoax Multi-gigabit MoCA 2.5 Adapter with 2.5 Gig Ethernet. I understand that the router has MOCA built in so I tried one adapter  and plugged the ethernet into a tv that had been wireless connected. On wireless i was getting around 233mbs connection. (have 1 gig service) With the adapter ethernet connection it drops to 91mps. Do I need to use the other adapter at the router - i.e. substitute adapter MOCA for the Routers to improve throughput?

I have seen a lot written about IPv6 issues causing poor performance but I have no idea how this would impact a TV.


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goCoax and G3100 are using the same MoCA chips, they can be said to be equivalent in terms of MoCA. 233 Mbps would not suggest an incompatible coax splitter or anything connection related. Another thing to consider is interference by neighbor's cable. Do you have a coax line going out of the house, if so disconnect that.

IPv6 is not an issue. It is people are using faulty network cards that was not discovered until IPv6 was enabled. Just because someone's setup works today does not mean the setup is free of errors.