Missed Appointments

Hi there,

I originally had verizon scheduled to install fios over a month ago. Since then, I have had verizon schedule, confirm, and stand me up on two separate occasions without so much as a phone call or e-mail notification that my appointment would not be fulfilled.

Countless representatives told me the engineering department had to install another MDU in my building as all the ports were full. However, there were at least two fios installations subsequent to my original installation date. Now, it's certainly possible they had scheduled their appointments before me even though I got an earlier time slot, but that doesn't excuse verizon for letting me wait around for a four hour window without so much as a phone call. I will reiterate that I confirmed my appointment once via phone and once via email. 

After my first appointment, a representative told me engineering said my unit would not be ready for installation until around the 29th and that engineering would contact me when they released the hold on my account. I called again hoping to speak with someone who could urge engineering along, and a representative informed me they could schedule an appointment for me on the 21st. I accepted the appointment, confirmed the appointment, and ended up calling customer service halfway through my installation window. Again, I was informed no tehcnician would be dispatched because of an engineering hold. 

Although I hadn't heard from the engineering department, I called early July to get a status update. I was then told engineering extended my hold until mid July.

My third appointment was finally fulfilled, and I got fios installed on Tuesday. I couldn't have been happier with the technician, by the way. He was very nice, knowledgable, and timely.

The reason I'm posting this, is because I need to speak with someone about a billing adjustment. I tried to negotiate something before my installation, but apparently that can only be done after a bill has been generated - which is convenienent for you, because I have a two year agreement. After what's probably been a cumulative six or seven hours talking with your representatives, I would rather have this escalated online and be contacted by someone with the authority to make the necessary adjustments. 

Please pass this along to someone able to negotiate my adjustment as my two week window to avoid the early termination fee is ticking. Also, I have recordings of all my telephone conversations after my original missed appointment where I was given false and misleading information. I would be delighted to share them

Thank you

Re: Missed Appointments

Hi maxel2524,

To request an adjustment to your bill, you will need to contact the Verizon billing department during normal business hours using one of the options on Contact Us.