Network extender does not pair

Got a network extender (black ). Set it up through a coaxial splitter.

identified router ssid and paired.

now I call in to buy it, was told I have to return and buy another one.

so finally ordered one and this piece (white) comes up alright but does not pair to the router :-(. 

I am supposed to return the black one (works) else will be charged rental.

i have already spent 4-5 hrs trying various options.

was on the phone waiting for tech support like 2 times for 45 mins no one showed up.

Verizon fios has never been so bad wit support . I was sold something that does not work and it’s on my time wasted here .

Re: Network extender does not pair
Community Leader
Community Leader

They sent you the wrong one. The white one is the FiOS Home Wifi Extender which is only compatible with the new FiOS Home Router.

You need the FiOS Network Extender  which is the black one that you already have. It's better to call Monday-Friday between 8a and 5p.