Never Received Welcome E-Mail, Can't Access Site

Hi All,

I signed up for internet service 4 days ago to prepare for moving into a new home. I was expecting to receive an e-mail upon signing up giving me details about what I signed up for, what to access on the site, and most importantly, being able to revise the installation date. I never received that e-mail, and when I go to try to adjust the status of the installation, I receive an error that states "Your order is in progress but details are not available yet. Please try back later." I'd like to edit the installation date, as well as upgrade the speed of my internet, but it doesn't look like I have that option, as I'm instructed to call customer service on pretty much every link I click on once I'm logged into my profile online. How long does this "in progress" period last? Thanks in advance!

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Community Leader

This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Once an order is started, online updates aren't allowed until it was completed.

So you will need to ocntact support for any adjustments to your order.