Opted self install kit, forced technician out charged $99

I ordered hsi online and requested self install kit, the online system then stated a technician will still need to come out and to choose a date for the install. I did so and continued the order.  Stated shipment of install kit will arrive day of installation. Self install kit never shipped, day of installation i plug my home phone up and it was working fine. When technician arrived I explained phone was already on and self install kit didn't arrive and asked to make sure he had the modem router from my order. After I told him the phone was connected he dialed in a number and received and automated message code said ok I'll go get the modem, plug it in tries to activate but was getting any cell service and asked if I was able to search the web after connecting to router. I did a quick Google search and it loaded, so i told him everything was all good and he left. When I tried to go to an actual website from a seach it did not load. I soon figured out I had to activate my hsi service, which was easy and I was on my way to surfing the web. But a week later I received my first bill with a $99 tech fee. Why am I being charged this fee as stated online i had no choice but to choose for a tech to come out. When speaking to a representative they told me I opted to technician install, and that is not correct. All corresponding emails regarding order states self install. 

And the technician that was said to have to still come out dispite my request for self installation did not have to do anything to insure my services was working. I was told all they can do is accept my complaint as feedback that the online ordering system is wrong. So this means I'm paying for their messed up system. The fee should be noted. And if self install is not an option for some customers it should be noted. I should not have been able to choose self installation if it was a must a technician comes out anyway, at least that way a customer is prepared to see a $99 charge on their bill that was already included when ordering services via online. 

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Hi customer333,

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