Router CR1000A and Mesh Network
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I have a new Verizon router (Model CR1000A).  It is plugged into a coax cable (because I have Fios TV STB) and network switch to deliver service to ethernet jacks throughout the house.  I have plugged a Google Nest Mesh Router into one of the ethernet ports and it is recieving internet service and broadcasting to the other three mesh network access points.  The issue is that while I am receiving 800 MB speeds on my desktop computer plugged directly into one of the ethernet jacks, I am receiving considerably lower speeds with devices connected to the Nest mesh network.  I have disabled all wifi on the Verizon router but I can't help but think there are some other settings I should adjust on the Verizon router.  I would greatly appreciate easy-to-understand advice on which settings need to be adjusted.

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I would first start off by running a speed test on the Google Nest router itself via the app. If it is achieving your subscribed speeds, then we need to turn to figuring out whether this problem is due to a "Priority Device" feature on the Google Nest router, or if this is because of the WiFi.

The newer Google Mesh systems lack Ethernet ports on the satellite nodes for wired backhaul, so my next step here would be to unplug all of the satellite mesh nodes, and then test the speed wirelessly and wired through only the primary node.

With that said, if the Google Mesh system needs to be your primary router, the CR1000A can be connected behind your Google Mesh system (onto your switch?) and the Google Nest can connect directly to your ONT. Otherwise, I would suggest putting Google Nest into bridge mode if you're leaving the Verizon router as your primary router, so there isn't a Double NAT situation involved.


That does beg the question. What model Google Nest is this? Are these older Google WiFi Hockey puck style nodes or are these the newer nodes without Ethernet on them?


I am having a similar issue.  I have the hockey puck version of Google Mesh.  I will test the main mesh point only shortly and circle back.  Can I put this version of Google Mesh into "bridge mode"?

Current situation: The WiFi signal from the Verizon cr1000a router is good.  The signal from the mesh network is severely lacking.

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Which Google Nest Mesh are you using?