Static IP Blocks OR additional DHCP leases
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I'm reaching my wits end with the ActionTec gateway Verizon provides not adequately cleaning up unused UPnP rules, and generally fed up with the poor state of affairs network-side for FiOS generally.  Long story short, I've got several game systems and computers all vying for identical port ranges simultaneously throughout the day here at home, and the best solution available to me (aside from FiOS actually - finally - rolling out IPv6 to residential customers with DHCPv6-PD) seems to be Static IP addresses with a 1:Many NAT setup on my gateway/firewall (since I'm replacing the ActionTec with equipment that supports such a setup).

Now let me be clear: I do not need this to run a continuously operated server. I don't need static IPs in order to run some sort of service. Nor do I need the additional benefits of business class internet service, such as being able to host servers and systems on traditionally blocked/filtered ports, like FTP or SMTP. I just need enough addresses (approximately three) for all the systems in the house to finally be able to communicate not just with each other, but the wider outside world as well, without anyone being booted from the respective game/network service once the port range for that application has been exhausted on the gateway. They don't even need to be static: simply being able to receive two additional DHCP leases for public addresses would work fine.

I looked into Verizon's suggestion of their business class service, but just getting a single static IP from there would double my bill without giving me any speed advantages. Given that I don't need all the other benefits of business class service, this was obviously a bitter pill to swallow.

Will Verizon accept Letters of Authorizations on their residential lines?  What about a standard business account with a dynamic IP; would they accept a 3rd party LOA for a static block for that circuit?  That said, since IPv4 block leases are no-refund situations, I wanted to see if anyone had experience with FiOS respecting LOA's at all before I go down that path.

Thanks for the input.

Re: Static IP Blocks OR additional DHCP leases
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Typically anything involving a Static IP or a Letter of Authorization would require a business (or in the case of an LOA, a circuit with Verizon Enterprise = $$$$$) connection, as Verizon will be requested to start announcing your IP address block through Verizon Business/AS701. Support for such actions would be well outside the scope of any Residential service. This would also include anything such as RDNS which Verizon would also have to support and maintain.

With that said, I am not sure if anyone around here has experience with such a procedure on FiOS. You may want to ask over at DSLReports, where a number of individuals who tend to push FiOS services to the extreme limits tend to monitor and post.

Re: Static IP Blocks OR additional DHCP leases
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Why don't you just get rid of the Verizon's Router completely.  Not only does the equipment itself subpar but you won't have to pay the monthly fee for it anymore.

You'll also get a faster internet connection.