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A week ago I Scheduled a technician to come out today to set up my home internet and selected the 1-3pm  time slot.  Today the day they were to come, the tech text me at 12:15 saying he could come early and to confirm only if this was ok.  I did not respond as i was in a work meeting.  Well he showed up unannounced anyway  at 12:30. I had to excuse myself from my meeting to answer the door to tell him to please come back during the requested time slot.  The tech showed up at 1:05, i saw him outside so i went and opened the door and just a moment later he pulled away.  I figured something came up and he would be back.

4pm came around and he still hadn't shown back up so i called verizon customer service for them to tell me that the tech said he rang the bell and no one answered so they left.  Funny, i have a ring door bell and the man never even got out his van the second time around. its friday and the tech just didn't feel like dealing with this call.  lazy and just wanted to go home. 

I called the tech since he had text me from his number and he said he told his supervisor no one was available until 1:30 and his supervisor ordered him to leave.  Even though you clearly hear me say over the ring doorbell to please come back during the REQUESTED TIME SLOT of 1-3pm

When I spoke with customer service I had asked to speak with his supervisor. They said the supervisor would call by end of day. Guess what! No call! I am absolutely furious. This is not acceptable especially from a company like this. Where is the courtesy? If i never called back at 4pm when was this company going to call me to tell me they had to reschedule due to the technician. 

1. i was lied to by multiple people at this company

2. i wasted so much time waiting around for this when i had plenty to do with my day.

3. now i have to wait another week for someone to come back out

4. i have to rework my schedule to be home again next week for someone to come back out

This company is full of liars. i fully plan to cancel every verizon service i have, my fiance plans to cancel her cell service, and i plan to tell every person i know to do the same. Verizon really proves they care about their customers, especially the long term customer, let me tell you!!  We are just another number to them.  I would stay away from this service. Better customer care and service at ATT and Tmobile!

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Hi joeg1788,

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