Want to use my LUXUL router and still have TV guide


I want to use my LUXUL router and I have a newest router from Fios.  I want to put this Fios router in bridge mode can somebody help me.  
I called 2x for 2 hours each time and I got you need to downgrade the router first time.  Second time.  Sorry but we don't have the gateway router anymore.  So can somebody help me 

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You want to login to the Verizon router at or myfiosgateway.com. Once you login you want to go to My Network > Network connections > Network(Home/Office) > Settings then change the IP from and scroll down and set IP Address Distribution to Disabled. This way your router will be the DHCP server.

Connect to your Luxul router and make sure the default gateway IP is and this way everything will be on the same subnet. Then connect your router's LAN to the VZ router's LAN and reboot your set-top boxes. 

Just remember this configuration is not supported by Verizon in any way. To make things easier you should keep the VZ router primary and make your router a wireless AP.