can Synology RT2600ac wireless router replace the fios quantam gateway 1100?
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I would like to replace my fios gateway g1100 with the synology rt2600ac wireless router.  It has much more functionality along with great parental controls.  I currently use the g1100 for wifi and have a verizon extender to cover the home.  I have fios tv and phone service also.  

Has anyone replaced their fios router for the synology one?  Do all the services work once you do it?  

I have searched this extensively and there is no reliable info online about it.  I would rather not use the synology in bridge mode as that will cancel out some of the features I would like to take advantage of.  I would like to flat out replace the g1100.  

If anyone has any experience with this please let me know.   Thank you. 

Re: can Synology RT2600ac wireless router replace the fios quantam gateway 1100?
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Its very hard to have Verizon FIOS TV and not use a "branded" Verizon router.  In particular you need a way for your STB to communicate over MOCA (multimedia over coax) to the router, and certain special routing as well.

Some have done it but many of us just use our own router for wifi bridging it to a Verizon router.

Re: can Synology RT2600ac wireless router replace the fios quantam gateway 1100?

Try posting this question at this link.

It may be possible to use your own router and keep the guide for the set top boxes.

This link above may also assist you.

Re: can Synology RT2600ac wireless router replace the fios quantam gateway 1100?
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This is defintely possible. 

First thing you'll need to do is get the MoCA situation sorted. Because you use TV and the Network Extenders, these devices use a technology called MoCA that sends internet over Coax cable already in your walls. 

You don't need the Verizon router in order to utilize this feature. You have two options in this case, you can purchase this device that would be plug and play: This would simply provide Internet over Coax to your Verizon set top boxes and network extender.

Now, if you want to save yourself $80 and you feel adventerous, I have steps to convert your existing G1100 into a MoCA bridge. Don't worry about messing up the G1100, there is a reset button for a reason Smiley Happy

Once you've made a decision there, follow these steps to get your new Synology router hooked up. 

1. Release your DHCP lease. You can follow the directions here to do this immideately: Alternatively, if you don't feel like dealing with settings, you can unplug power to the Verizon router for 2 hours (or more) to let the lease expire on its own, or you can call tech support to have them terminate the lease for you. Do not plug your Verizon router back in during this process, leave it unplugged, otherwise you'll have to do these steps again.

2. Hook up your router. Now that the DHCP lease is released, you can hook your own router up to the Internet. Locate the ethernet cable going into the white WAN port on the back of the G1100. Unplug this from the G1100, and plug it into the blue WAN port on the back of your Synology. Power up the Synology, and it should now have Internet access.


Now, prepare your MoCA bridge. If you chose the adapter route, plug it's ethernet port into one of the yellow LAN ports on the synology, then unscrew the coax from the G1100, and plug the coax into the Aciontec adapter.

If want to use the existing G1100 as the bridge, leave the coax plugged into the router, follow my directions, then plug an ethernet cable in from the LAN port of the synology to the LAN port on the G1100. 

Ensure everything has connectivity (the set top boxes will need a reboot to get Internet access again). Please don't hesitate to post back here if you have any trouble!