"Waived" Service Fee NOT WAIVED! Unethical billing practices!

I am a brand new Verizon FiOS customer. When I ordered and paid for my FiOS internet via the Verizon website, it said that the $99 initial setup fee would be waived.  When I was researching my internet provider options a few days prior, the Verizon website gave me the option to have the supplies mailed to me so I could set it up myself.  However, within only a few days time, after I decided to finally go forth with ordering Verizon FiOS rather than from another local internet company - the Verizon FiOS website forced me to set up a time for a technician to come to my apartment and no longer gave me an option to do a self-installation.  However, it still said that the $99 initial setup fee would be waived.  Still, I found it ridiculous especially because my apartment was ALREADY PRE-WIRED for FiOS due to the previous tenants using it previously!

The technician came today to install the FiOS service. He was very friendly and helpful - I am not writing to complain about the technician - he was great.  I am writing to complain about the Verizon company itself and the unethical billing practices.

Anyways, once he arrived, the technician even made a comment about how the apartment already had the fiberoptic cable and everything we needed ready to go.  We could've installed this ourselves but the website FORCED me to make an appointment for a technician to install rather than giving me the option to self-install.  The technician was only here for approximately 30 minutes, or perhaps less, despite the estimated installation time being 4-6 hours.  That right there is proof that my apartment was pre-wired and that there was no need for an "initial setup" fee.  No mention was made that there would be an installation fee - not via email order confirmation, not via the customer support online chat I had the week prior to the installation, and not via phone when I called Verizon customer support on Monday (the day before my installation).  So here I was, thinking that my initial setup fee would be waived. 

Several hours the technician left my apartment, I looked at my estimated bill. Lo and behold, a $99 setup fee was charged and not waived!  I find it appalling that I was charged a $99 fee for initial setup even though the initial setup was already done (our apartment was already wired for FiOS)! Furthermore, in my opinion, it is ridiculous that I was charged $99 for a 0.5 hour job when $99 is the same fee that is charged for the 4-to-6 hour job! What a ripoff! Not to mention unethical billing practices......! 

I am disappointed in the dishonesty and unethicality of the company thus far (again, the technician himself was very nice and friendly - I am disappointed in the company, not the technician), and am already considering taking my internet business elsewhere since we do not have a contract. If this is what the Verizon FiOS company treats a brand new customer like at the beginning (when they are supposed to be impressing us and winning us over), I don't even want to know what it will be like down the line.

Let this be a warning to anyone else considering FiOS.... 

Re: "Waived" Service Fee NOT WAIVED! Unethical billing practices!


You have a total satisfaction guarantee use it if you are not happy.

this is a customer helping customer forum so warning people here is a waste of time.

its true the complete online ordering process is normally installation fee free.

but if you speak or chat to anyone they ding you for it. 

Since you don’t have a contract I would look at other alternatives if available.

fios is a good internet service (don’t use tv or phone with them) 

Re: "Waived" Service Fee NOT WAIVED! Unethical billing practices!
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