Google Mesh with Verizon STB - no data connectivity for STB


My STB shows no data connectivity.  No TV Guide.  Shows network offline.

What Happened:

I set up my Google Mesh and disconnected by Verizon Wireless Router.  Internet connectivity is working with my other devices in the house expect the STB.  I've connected the STB (WAN port) to my Google Mesh through an Ethernet Cable hoping that would provide the required connectivity, but no.

What I've Tried:

I've powered down the STB overnight.  I called Verizon and they reset the STB.  It has been 1 hour.  Still it does not recognize the connectivity.  

I've read the forums and one suggestion was to log into the admin of the Verizon router to release the DCHP.  However, my admin does not have that option, only Renew DCHP.  

Also I don't know why the direct wired connection to the STB doesn't work.  Does the STB need to be configured to get the IP connectivity through that WAN port vs. through wireless.  If so how?

Set Top Info

Platform ID: QIP-7232 P2 

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Community Leader
Community Leader

The 7xxx series stubs can't use the the Ethernet port for guide.

Not to mention that certain ports need to be opened to use your own router.

That's why it is generally recommended to use Verizon router as primary if you have Verizon stbs. Unless you are experienced at networking.