NFL Redzone pricing
I wanted to order NFL Redzone for the past couple of weeks (decided I wanted it at about week 6), but decided we were close enough to half way that I'd wait till the half season package came out to save some money. Well half season package was just release for $50, I was very surprised because the full season price was $80. I'm not a mathematician, but why would purchasing half the package cost more than half the price?
Verizon has been increasing their price in NFL Redzone over the past few years & I for one am disappointed. I am at conservative customer and fell like I'm being taken advantage of by the increasing price of the package. I understand the economics of supply and demand, that if customers are willing to pay more Verizon will simply charge more, but the price is exorbitant compared to competitors. Verizon is the most expensive television provider for NFL Redzone. Other companies charge between $35-$50 for the entire season.
I would have grit my teeth and purchased the half season for $40, but when I called customer service I was told the $50 package price was firm. I was disappointed, but decided it's not worth it for $50. I can't bring myself to pay 63% for 1/2 the content. The 25% price increase is unreasonable when Verizon already charges the most of any company for NFL Redzone.
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