New FIOS TV/Internet self-Install box top/router

I am having FIOS installed in a few days.  I understand that the technician will have to run the fiber from the street to my home, and that another tech has to install the ONT.  I have all the coax cables already run to the boxes and where the router is going to go, and power right next each of them.

I want to install these myself and not have the tech to do it.  I am an IT professional and do not want anyone messing with my PC or other devices.  Is there any reason that the Verizon tech MUST enter the home to hook these up?  I want to avoid that if possible.

Re: New FIOS TV/Internet self-Install box top/router
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Community Leader

"I want to install these myself"

If by that you mean the STB's 

you can do so.

He will probably want to see that you are up and running before he leaves.

He has to initiate some testings from the "office" to see that you are getting the services you signed up for.