News 12 NJ Missing From The Most Package
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How come News 12 NJ is not available on the newer line up vs older line up in NJ? I have the "most" package and missing News 12. I can go to the website to watch News 12 NJ and that works fine but for some reason that the channel 535HD is missing in the line up of the new packages?  Zip is 08691 There is a Verizon press release available online from 2019 that says News 12 is supposed to be available but for one reason or another I don't get that channel in my area but some others that been with FIOS long have it. 

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I've noticed this also. Zip code 08619 here and no News12. I called Fios support and they simply told me that News12 is not included with my package, "The Most", and gave no further explanation. I asked if there was any way that I can include it in my package and they told me not at this time. I'm pretty disappointed because New12 NJ is the only news station that I watch.