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I'm new to FiOS TV and find myself facing many of the same questions, and disappointments, I had as a Comcast customer.  For example, channel clutter.

The package I subscribe to has dozens of channels I will truly never, ever, ever watch even though I am subscribed to them by default within my package.  Checking the guide requires scrolling past listings of all those channels I don't care about.  Channel surfing is like walking through mud it's so thick with uninteresting channels.

For decades TVs have allowed users to quickly and easily add/delete channels from showing up when surfing.  That's pretty much what I'm looking for - get the unwanted channels off the guide, out of search results, and never appear when I'm surfing.

I think I could create a "Favorites" set if I had the patience.  But adding each channel via the web UI requires four separate clicks:

  1. On the little heart at the left of the guide
  2. Choosing Favorites 1 or 2
  3. Save
  4. Closing the "Your channel was added to Favorites" window

I just don't have the patience for 200 or so clicks just to create my personalized favorites list.

Someone please tell me there's a better, meaning faster and easier, way to customize my viewing experience.  I feel like I have gone backward 20 years in flexibility.



Re: Personalized channel guide

If you click Guide on your remote at the top of the TV sceen you see "Filtered By: All Channels" To the right you see 'Press Guide for Options" Press the Guide button on your remote and choose Filtered By: Subscribed. That will just show you the channels you are subscribed to. If you are subscribed to every channel it won't help much. I have a custum package so I just see the channels I have.

Re: Personalized channel guide

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