Returning a set-top box
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I have two SD set-top boxes that I want to return to a verizon store. Do I need to fill out online "authorization paperwork" first, or can I just bring them to my local store? I have been searching for this and all that comes up is 1) how to pack it in a box and 2) how to find a store. 

Re: Returning a set-top box
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Are you dropping service? Have they been replaced?

If you are dropping service for them, you can just go online and remove them.
They will end you a box to ship them back

Just make sure to keep tracking number to prove they were received.

If you really would prefer a store, check with your local Verizon Wireless store )make sure a corporate store and not a reseller). They may also handle FIOS or can tell you where the closest one is.