Ubiquiti UDM Pro router first and non working Cable TV services

I want to set up my UDM Pro before the Verizon router.  My ONT comes into the house via RJ45 and plugs directly into my UDM.  I have the FIOS router set as a bridge to get to the set-top boxes which it uses the coax system.   

I already copied all the port forwarding rules from the FIOS router and put them into my UDM.  I am still however not able to get the video on demand and Guide working on my boxes but the channels play fine. 

Data Flow:
ONT -> RJ45 -> UDM -> Unifi Switch -> Fios Router -> Coxial -> STB (1-3)

Internal UDM -
External FIOS -
Internal FIOS -
STB1-3 =

Forwarding rules on UDM: 
Any via port 35000-35005 -> send to
Any via port 4567 ->  send to

Forwarding rules on FIOS: 
Any via port 35000 -> send to
Any via port 35001 -> send to

Any via port 35002 -> send to
Any via port 4567 -> send to

I had the guide working earlier this year and then it stopped working with the same configuration.  Do the Port Forwarding rules look good?  I have also tried to put the rule directly into my UDM router (Any port 35000 -> and that still does not work.  I am able to ping all the STBs from my pc which is

Any help would be appreciated. 


Re: Ubiquiti UDM Pro router first and non working Cable TV services

Hi pish180,

I am thinking about doing a similar set up. Were you able to get this working properly?

I currently have ONT > RJ45 > Fios G1100 > Both Coax and Ethernet out

     > Coax > STB (and Moca adapters for a couple of things)

     > Ethernet > Ubiquiti Switch

I'd like to get a UDM Pro to insert into the mix and a couple of Ubiquiti WAPs

How did it go for you?